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Vintage Florals for May

3 May

Bed of Roses Nightgown – $25

You know what they say about spring showers, don’t you?  Even though for some of our customers, this wacky winter of an early spring may have brought on more snowstorms than warm and fragrant April rainstorms, that’s no excuse not to be breaking out May flower-prints at the optimal seasonal time.

So, we made sure to stock up our store – both online and brick-and-mortar – with lots of sweet floral prints from a variety of eras to satisfy that springtime urge to let your wardrobe blossom.

If you’re looking to spruce up your work ensemble, check out some of our structured 1960s A-line dresses, like this jaw-dropping blue-daisy decked number à la Megan Draper or something from the 70s with a bit more leg like this fresh green dress for work or play.

Floral Play – $45 for the set

And of course, never ignore the opportunity to mix recent fashion revivals with your vintage finds.  In the wake of all the excitement over the peplum come-back, check out the 1960s matching ensemble (right) we found.  All the gorgeous quality of a true vintage find with all the buzz of a “new” fashion craze.

How do you feel about florals?  Are you ready to bathe yourself in begonias with something like a full-length 1970s flower child dress or do you prefer to go the understated route with a flowered accessory like this little clutch?

Let us know!  We want to hear your thoughts and see pictures of your favorite floral fashion finds.  While we wait, we’ll just go back to smelling the roses (and enjoying the weather).

Ready for Spring? Some Vintage Inspiration to Wave in the Season!

25 Feb

Ah, springtime.  March is peeping around the corner at us and soon it’ll be time to box up our bulky winter coats, shake out our dusty knicknacks, and welcome in the misty showers, pastel sundresses, and shyly blossoming plants that signify the arrival of spring.

Since we enjoy a healthy presence on Etsy, we’ve been browsing around for some sister shops to help you make the transition all the more enjoyable.  Take a look at our favorites and enjoy the warmer breezes to come!

Spring Cleaning:

We know you’re dreading it!  Somehow snuggling up against the blustery winds of winter gives us leave to let dust gather and clutter compile until we’ve no choice but to devote a weekend (or a week!) to a full-on Spring Clean.

Well, it doesn’t have to be ominous.  The darling organizers and shelving from Blue Bird Heaven will give your space the charming, vintage-y asthetic you love while also helping you keep every little thing in its rightful place.

Spring Flowers:

Found in the Ground is an excellent resource for “found” vintage items ranging from gorgeous compacts to quirky figurines.  Check out their collection of ceramic flowers for inspiration that may lead to a new look or a new take on your decor this spring.

Spring Lovin’:

Sure, Valentine’s Day has passed us by, but it’s understood that springtime is for lovers.  Treat yourself (or your sweetheart) to some custom-made, vintage-inspired lingerie by Sandmaiden.

We can’t get over how affordable this gorgeous, made-to-order neglige and sleepwear is!  Treat yourself to something truly romantic and unique with a timeless twist.

Vintage Date Night – 3 Classic Film Ideas for Old-Timey Romance

23 Jan

We’ve gotta be honest.  Ever since snagging that photo of Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca for last week’s blog post, we’ve been really feeling some classic cinema – which has presented us with a healthy selection of true love as Hollywood’s Golden Era saw it.

Depending on the tolerance of your sweetheart for a.) sappy lovey dovey storylines and b.) black and white film, it’s easy to stick to new releases and the less saccharine story-lines to keep everyone happy.

Here are three films (from a variety of eras) that will provide you and your honey genuine entertainment and a sweet underlying message (without putting either of you to sleep):

Roman Holiday (1953) 

There’s something about this film that makes it watchable over and over and over again.  Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn in her Hollywood debut) gets a little drunk on a sedative on a goodwill trip to Rome and decides in her intoxication to climb out the castle window and stumble happily out onto the street, spouting poetry, jumping in vans, and eventually falling asleep on a public fountain.

She’s stumbled upon by a down-on-his-luck American reporter (A very studly Gregory Peck) who takes her in before realizing who she is.  As he records all the wacky binds she gets herself in while playing hooky from her job as the Princess, he plans on building the story of his career.

Fun, entendre-laced dialogue and the cheeky fact that this is based on something Princess Margaret of England actually did in the 50s should keep you both fairly entertained, even when you know that these two have little hope of riding off into the sunset together.

At the very least, the quirky and clever Ann will annoy both of you a lot less than whoever Katherine Heigel is playing this season.

Modern Times (1936)

Okay, yes, this is kind of a silent film (but not really), and we imagine that’s already turned some of you off to the idea of watching it, but hear us out!

Firstly, for you film buffs out there, this is the first film in which the world heard the voice of The Tramp (Charlie Chaplin).

Pretty much everyone in the film aside from Chaplin and his ladylove (real-life wife Paulette Goddard) talks regularly, so go ahead and shirk that concern.

Secondly, the premise of this film is a political attack on the giants of the industrial era (namely Henry Ford), and damn was Chaplin a cheeky bastard when it came to calling out people he found politically distasteful (see The Great Dictator, in which he stood up to Hitler before the United States had decided how they felt about him).

You might think the humor is going to be ridiculous slapstick in the vein of the Three Stooges, but trust us, Chaplin’s comedic technique is more sophisticated than that, and it has aged incredibly well.  His comedic timing is still superb and incredibly fun to watch, even today.

Give it a shot, and be sure to tell us what you thought.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

No, we’re not cheating.  Here’s the deal.  If one (or both) of you is just inherently adverse to the idea of watching an “old” film, here’s one that came out last year that has all the makings of a great romantic story without the gushy discomfort of a rom-com (even though that’s what imdb insists on calling it).

Woody Allen’s return to form last year starring Owen Wilson, Marion Cotilliard, Rachel McAdams, and Kathy Bates takes viewers to some seriously unexpected places when Gil (a less-obnoxious-than-usual Owen Wilson) accidentally finds a way to escape his touristic vacation with his insufferable fiancee by jumping back into 1920s era Paris every night.

With hilarious interludes with some of the era’s most famous figures and a healthy handful of personal revelations for Gil, this one stays safely enough out of the traditional romance category to keep even those most cynical, black-and -white-haters amused and entertained.

Looks We Love: The Classic Brooch

13 Jan

How can you watch Casablanca and not admire the style-icon that was Ingrid Bergman?  In this photo, the cool, contained Ilsa sports a knock-out jeweled brooch on the lapel of her gorgeous shirt dress.

The brooch has gone in and out of vogue on a steady rotation since the dawn of fashion.  More recently, you can see them sprucing up gowns on the red carpet, dresses on the first lady, and even adding some sparkle to cloth headbands on it girls.

If you’re looking to add a classic vintage brooch to your collection, it’s important to consider versatility and your personal style.

Whether you want a pop of color like this cheerful red leaf clip or a classic statement of Old Hollywood style a la Bergman like this Blue Rhinestone flower, a well-chosen brooch has the potential to become your signature piece, combining in a variety of ways with the most dressed down to the most formal of your wardrobe pieces.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to something as daring as the above choices, go for a neutral, matte metal in a classic cut.  Silver and gold are the obvious choices, like this classic gold leaf, but pearl and black are also solid choices for an understated but elegant addition to your lapel.

Combat Dreary Weather with a Bright, Vibrant Wardrobe

19 Dec

When winter descends, the world seems to dial its color scheme back.

While early nights and chilly afternoons are lovely in grays and blues and indigos, we can’t help but feel a little more somber in comparison to spring’s pastels or fall’s warm hues.

Perk up your day with a splash of color in your winter wardrobe.  Try a turquoise jacket like this asymmetrical tweed or a loud, cheerful orange like this 1970s Coat Dress to immediately draw eyes and shrug off that cold weather for a sunnier day ahead.

When you’re back home, tucked into your favorite armchair with a steaming mug of cocoa, wrap up in something like the beautiful silk robe featured to the left.

Wearing your festivity isn’t a requirement during this time of year, but it certainly can’t hurt when it comes to boosting your mood all through colder months!

Chic, Wintery Fabrics for December

6 Dec

1950s Velveteen Party Dress

With our store-front in sunny Florida, Yesterdaze will greet December perhaps dreaming of a White Christmas but never needing more than a light cardigan.

Though, while we in the sub-tropics revel in the occasional opportunity to slide into a pair of boots, the temperatures in the rest of the States continue to drop, providing the perfect opportunity for those cozy and timeless fabrics to return to wardrobes around the world.

Our etsy store is bursting with options to wrap up in through the winter to come.

We suggest velvet (left), tweed, and wool to stay toasty throughout the holiday season without compromising a sense of elegance and style.

Jackie O

8 Oct

During her brief tenure in the White House, she brought an elegance to dressing, a style to American life. Her outfits were Americanized versions of French designs, clean lined, in the bright, solid colors she preferred, but with oversize buttons and coat pockets that would stand out in photographs. YesterDaze has the perfect outfit to give you the fabulous look of Jackie O:

The Outfit:
Wonderful aqua boucle knit suit from the late 1950’s early 1960s with a short boxy jacket and straight skirt. Lot’s of great style features, such as the big show buttons, and front pockets on the slightly gathered at waist skirt. 3/4 Sleeves. The jacket and skirt are lined. The skirt has a 1″ waistband with a size metal zipper. Two labels are in the jacket: “Seymour Fox, Paris-New York” and “Melvin E. Miller, Cleveland, Ohio”.
For more information on this outfit click HERE

The Shoes:
Great looking aqua (turquoise or teal) pumps with classic styling and spike heels! “Glace” with leather uppers.
For more information on these shoes click HERE

The Brooch:
Cute flower brooch with round clear aqua rhinestones and marquis shaped aqua milk glass “petals” in a silvertone metal setting.
For more information on this broach click HERE

The Hat:
Classic Breton styling! Black felt with a rolled brim that is soft and bendable so it can be fashioned for a different look, if desired, such as; flipped down in front for a “sporty” look.
For more information on this hat click HERE

The Purse:
Great classic from the 1940s! Flannel like black wool felt covered with a pleat in front. Inside is fully lined with brass zippered pocket. Gold toned metal “click” type closure on top. Short matching fabric handle. For more information on this purse click HERE

Yesterdazed has the one stop shop for everything Jackie O.

Please visit Yesterdazed for more fantastic outfits.

Calling All Shoe Lovers!!!!!

22 Jul
I recently listed some fantastic vintage shoes on the Yester Daze online shop. I have enough shoes to rival the closet of Carry Bradshaw. However, there are two major differences between my and Mrs. Carrie’s collection of shoes:
1. You won’t find my little beauties in a department store window and therefore you won’t find them on your girlfriends feet. In other words…mine are UNIQUE and One-of-a-Kind
2. My shoes are priced right and affordable to anyone out there. It shouldn’t have to cost a fortune to look like a million.

Here’s a little taste of what Yester Dazed has to offer in our shoe department:

Left: Coming up Roses Floral Pumps size 6AA $25.00
Right: 1950’s Spectator Pump’s size 6.5 $15.00

Top Left: 1960’s Shiny Gold Pumps with Spike Heel $20.00
Top Right: 1960’s Black with White Trim – 6B $15.00
Bottom Picture: 60’s Black Suede and Faux Leather Pump $15.00

Left: Disco Shiny Silver 1970’s Pumps $25.00
Right: 1970’s Black Faux Reptile Pumps $15.00


Black Satin Pumps with Big Black Bow $25.00

So as you can see Yester Daze has a lot of shoe options. As always, if don’t see what you’re looking for please contact me and ask. I have a lot of inventory not listed on my online shop.
Thank you for reading the Yester Daze Blog!

Sun Dresses! It’s Hot…They’re Cool…

15 May

Front and center at the shop, along with vintage bathing suits, cover-ups, shorts and halter tops, we have sun dresses.

Spaghetti, wide strapped and strapless sun dresses along with sleeveless styles – light and airy cottons, blends and rayons. Dating from the 1950’s through 80’s in an array of prints and solids.

The selection includes some Lilli Pulitzer’s and some authentic hawaiian florals. In a variety of lengths….mini’s, midi’s and maxi’s.

Get ’em while they’re cool!!