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Calling All Shoe Lovers!!!!!

22 Jul
I recently listed some fantastic vintage shoes on the Yester Daze online shop. I have enough shoes to rival the closet of Carry Bradshaw. However, there are two major differences between my and Mrs. Carrie’s collection of shoes:
1. You won’t find my little beauties in a department store window and therefore you won’t find them on your girlfriends feet. In other words…mine are UNIQUE and One-of-a-Kind
2. My shoes are priced right and affordable to anyone out there. It shouldn’t have to cost a fortune to look like a million.

Here’s a little taste of what Yester Dazed has to offer in our shoe department:

Left: Coming up Roses Floral Pumps size 6AA $25.00
Right: 1950’s Spectator Pump’s size 6.5 $15.00

Top Left: 1960’s Shiny Gold Pumps with Spike Heel $20.00
Top Right: 1960’s Black with White Trim – 6B $15.00
Bottom Picture: 60’s Black Suede and Faux Leather Pump $15.00

Left: Disco Shiny Silver 1970’s Pumps $25.00
Right: 1970’s Black Faux Reptile Pumps $15.00


Black Satin Pumps with Big Black Bow $25.00

So as you can see Yester Daze has a lot of shoe options. As always, if don’t see what you’re looking for please contact me and ask. I have a lot of inventory not listed on my online shop.
Thank you for reading the Yester Daze Blog!