Ready for Spring? Some Vintage Inspiration to Wave in the Season!

25 Feb

Ah, springtime.  March is peeping around the corner at us and soon it’ll be time to box up our bulky winter coats, shake out our dusty knicknacks, and welcome in the misty showers, pastel sundresses, and shyly blossoming plants that signify the arrival of spring.

Since we enjoy a healthy presence on Etsy, we’ve been browsing around for some sister shops to help you make the transition all the more enjoyable.  Take a look at our favorites and enjoy the warmer breezes to come!

Spring Cleaning:

We know you’re dreading it!  Somehow snuggling up against the blustery winds of winter gives us leave to let dust gather and clutter compile until we’ve no choice but to devote a weekend (or a week!) to a full-on Spring Clean.

Well, it doesn’t have to be ominous.  The darling organizers and shelving from Blue Bird Heaven will give your space the charming, vintage-y asthetic you love while also helping you keep every little thing in its rightful place.

Spring Flowers:

Found in the Ground is an excellent resource for “found” vintage items ranging from gorgeous compacts to quirky figurines.  Check out their collection of ceramic flowers for inspiration that may lead to a new look or a new take on your decor this spring.

Spring Lovin’:

Sure, Valentine’s Day has passed us by, but it’s understood that springtime is for lovers.  Treat yourself (or your sweetheart) to some custom-made, vintage-inspired lingerie by Sandmaiden.

We can’t get over how affordable this gorgeous, made-to-order neglige and sleepwear is!  Treat yourself to something truly romantic and unique with a timeless twist.

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