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Mad about Mad Men

21 Sep
I am mad about “Mad Men” but I am infatuated with the outfits of the show. Set in the early 60’s the show takes place during a transitional period in women’s fashion. The hemlines are becoming shorter as opposed to the earlier fifties style of a circle skirt that has more of a flat front and that is longer and fuller. By 1960, there’s a gathering at the waist and the hem length has come up a lot. Joan, the vixen of the show, is more fashion forward wearing clothing that’s fitted showing the silhouette of her body.

The YesterDaze outfit (shown right hand side, above) hugs the body and shows the fabulous curves of a woman’s figure much like Joan’s ensemble. The Yesterday outfit is priced at $65.00 which includes THREE pieces; the skirt, top and cardigan. To find out more information about the YesterDaze outfit please click HERE

Again, Joan’s outfit is sexy and form fitting. YesterDaze is not to be outdone. We have the entire look for a great price:

Outfit Total: $125.50