Father’s Day – For the Fly Daddy!

2 Jun

The word “Dad” used to bring to mind thoughts of a middle aged man wearing black socks with shorts and sandals. The modern day Dad is fashion savvy, knows the latest trends and how to work his “mojo”. The modern day Dad plays in a band (or at least wishes he did).
The Dad of today doesn’t want the standard tie from a department store. Get him something unique, retro, earth friendly, and inexpensive (you don’t have to tell him the last part of the equation).
It just so happens YesterDaze is the perfect place to shop for your Dad this year. You’re bound to find something your Dad never knew he wanted so badly.

For starters…Unique vintage shirts. Everything ranging from authentic Hawaiian, to Cowboy to Bowling shirts – and everything in between.

Maybe the Dad in your life needs a great pair of vintage pants, to match is new retro shirt. Check out just a couple of what YesterDaze has to offer.
On the left: “Vintage Lee Riders 5 Pocket Jeans” A great pair of vintage corduroy straight leg Lee Rider jeans.
On the right: “Disco Worthy 1970s Plaid Bell Bottom Pants“Authentic and amazing 12 wide bell bottoms from the 1970s

Your Dad is dressed to impress with no where to go. He may as well have a party with friends and family. But wait, he needs the perfect bar glasses…
It just so happens YesterDaze has a set of eight glasses that will make your Dad the Cat’s Meow:

The “The Pussycat – Set of 8 Glasses – Classy Stuff for Your Home Bar” will be a big hit with your Dad, and all his friends.

Looking good and drink in hand your Dad starts to feel a little “corny” and decides to BBQ. Yester Daze has something for that as well:
The “It’s BBQ Season – Time To Get Corny” set is only $20.00.

After good food, drinks, friends and family it’s time for a night on the town. Will your Dad choose to accessorize his outfit with a fun, retro cowboy look:

or a more distinguished ensemble:
Which ever he picks he’s looking good, having fun and the envy of his friends….thanks to you and YesterDaze.

Thank you for reading our blog.
Happy Father’s Day!

One Response to “Father’s Day – For the Fly Daddy!”

  1. Happy Day Vintage June 2, 2009 at 7:34 pm #

    Great Gift Ideas! You have a fantastic blog, I love it! *smile*

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